In all honestly, I wasn’t originally planning to attend the Scare Fair trip hosted by SPC. I’m usually not the kind of person who watches scary movies or particularly enjoys being scared. However, when one of my friends suggested the trip and recommended I come along, I did not put much thought into my response before agreeing.

It was only after I was registered and set to go that it dawned on me: WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

The site bragged of its reputation for leaving people begging to be released from the attractions—that it was not fit for pregnant women or people with an “aversion to fright.”

But by that point, it was too late to back out. And I’m so very glad that I didn’t.

Now, I’m not really the type of person who visibly reacts when frightened, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Thankfully my group had someone who visibly reacted a lot, and it made the whole experience utterly hilarious. There were several times where tears were streaming down my face. Not from crying, but from actually laughing so hard.

When we first arrived and were waiting to receive our tickets, a couple of actors had already come out to the crowd in an attempt to start off the scares. One actor came right up to my side and breathed his cigarette smoke-laced breath in my face. His long, shaggy hair and white contacts certainly helped give him a scare-inducing appearance.

Afterward, we participated in each of the three available attractions. Two haunted buildings, and one corn maze. We were able to complete all of this within the span of approximately one hour. 

In each location, actors played a variety of roles, popping up out of nowhere, laughing evilly, screeching senseless threats, and even going as far as to graze over our legs or heads with their hands. On occasion, others in my group would enter into shouting matches with the actors, loudly arguing with what they said. At one point there was a debate as to whether or not the house was owned by the actor or my friend. And the actor had a chainsaw…

At another point one of my companions told us with a voice full of disbelief that one of the monsters had run their hands through his hair. Now, I don’t know if that was because he has really awesome hair, or just because the actor was doing their job, but it freaked him out nonetheless.

However, the corn maze attraction by far had to be the most chill inducing of the three. Unlike the other two, we were left out in the open for most of the time, walking in between rows of corn with no lights to guide our way. Make-up covered ghouls would then jump out at us, some running along the ground on all fours and grabbing our legs, others cackling at us with chainsaws and the strong smell of gasoline.

The performers did not hold back as they got right up in our faces each time. In some cases they stood in our way to prevent us from walking further, or circled around one member of the group for several minutes. Unfortunately that member tended to be me, and I don’t know if it was because I was the only girl, or just because they were taking advantage of on the fact that I was the shortest person in the group.

I will admit that even though I was not that scared, and certainly didn’t scream, our group noticeably huddled together as we cautiously tread through the maze—laughing at the responses of those in who did react. Their yells, screams, and clutching onto others for dear life made it all hilariously worth it.

If I had the opportunity, I’m sure I would probably do it again, and so would make the same suggestion to you. My only advice? Always try to take someone who is more scared than you. They provide additional entertainment and work as a distraction for the actors to target instead. Mean? Maybe. Hilarious? Definitely.

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