Most students at Ohio Northern University visit Heterick Library primarily to study and do research for their classes. They visit the library for an hour, gather all the information they need and then leave without experiencing everything the library has to offer. They are missing out on the fun of studying at the library. They think the library is a boring place for them to study, but that is not the case at all.  

On March 12 from 6-10 p.m., Heterick Library staff members are hoping to change those opinions. “Hoopla at Heterick” will take place on the first floor of Heterick Library, and everyone is welcome to drop by any time and participate in the festivities. 

The library staff will provide various games, like trivia games, strategy activities, card games, board games, etc. The Northern Gaming organization has been involved in the organization and preparation of this event, hoping to have a large variety of game options for the attendees. There will be something for everyone. 

Snacks, coffee and raffle tickets/prizes for attendees and game winners will also be offered at the event. If anyone brings a reusable coffee mug or refillable water bottle to the event, he or she can earn extra raffle tickets. Heterick Library recently installed a new water bottle refill station, and the library staff want to advertise that it is now available for students. 

When asked about why it is so important to have fun events at Heterick, Jennifer Donley, the Catalog & Serials Librarian, explains, “We have had several ‘Hiatus at Heterick’ study break events over the last few years with coffee, cookies, trivia games and raffle tickets. This time, we wanted to step it up and offer students an opportunity to see the library as a place to relax and unwind with friends, as well as a place to focus on their studies.” 

The library gets quieter on the second and third floors of the building, so the fun can begin on the first floor, where people can talk and have a good time with their friends without worrying about interrupting someone’s study sessions. 

“That’s what is so great about Heterick. We can have events like Hoopla at Heterick and not worry about distracting students who need to focus on their studies. The event will be fun and allows people to have a break from their studies, which is great,” Donley adds. 

Heterick Library may seem like a library most of the year, but at the Hoopla at Heterick game night, it will transform into a fun event for everyone involved.

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