Polar bears, I would like to acknowledge everyone who braved the cold temperatures last week and decided to #PolarBearUp on their way to MacIntosh for lunch or dinner. I know it is not very enjoyable bundling up in your winter coats, scarves and mittens, but it is necessary to stay warm during the extreme temperatures. Even though the temperature has improved, it is still important to dress warm this week. Winter isn’t over yet. 

Here are a few fashion ideas for people who want to be warm. It’s important to stay warm, even if you look ridiculous:

1. Thermal Underwear – Yes, the idea of wearing thermal underwear is not appealing, but you can simply wear it underneath your clothing. Thermals are great for layers and the extreme cold. 

2. Fleece Lined Jeans – If you like to wear winter blue jeans, this is your chance to break those out and wear them. They are warm and stylish, but also prevent indoor overheating. 

3. Long Socks or Leg Warmers – It’s time to go back to the 1980’s. Leg warmers are back in style, especially during the cold winter months. These will keep your legs warm as you walk to class rather than just wearing jeans and normal socks. You can have fun with leg warmers. Buy crazy designs and show off your inner Madonna  while also staying warm. 

4. Jackets – A good, thick zip-up jacket is perfect for cold weather. It’s warm, but it is also very easy to put on and take off. Get rid of those cotton jackets. Buy a leather or good polyester jacket instead! Only wearing hoodies won’t work. Sorry, folks. Hoodies allow the wind to go through the fibers. 

5. Fun accessories – Gloves, scarves and beanies. These items can add fashionable flair to your outfit while also keeping you warm and toasty! 

6. Shoes– When you’re walking outside, wear shoes that have excellent grip for icy and slippery sidewalks or parking lots. That is very useful for when you’re walking to class! 

If you follow these tips, you should be fine, but also, you will remain fashionable for classes. Don’t worry about what people think about you. As long as you stay warm, everyone will be fine. 

#PolarBearUp, everyone! 

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