Emerge. Ever heard of it? 

Well, Emerge is a chapel group that Chaplain David MacDonald started last semester. It is intended to be a spiritual small group meeting that gets together once a week on Sunday evenings. 

With the Emerge program, MacDonald hopes to explore faith in an in-depth way with students and equip them to be able to do the same with others. 

The group is currently comprised of about seven freshman. MacDonald wanted to first invite freshman to be a part of the group to help them “merge” into campus life. 

He describes the meeting setting as structured but unstructured. The group might discuss a poem or piece of scripture together and then discuss it in smaller groups of two or three. They also spend time in silence simply praying and listening to what God has to say. 

MacDonald plans to open Emerge to upperclassman in the future and eventually see the group move in a discipleship centered direction.

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