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0-12 to 24-15: DeWitz & Layman Momentum Turns Win

Shifting the roster created a spark in Northern Wrestling to take down a team they haven’t in 9 years. Mount Union came strong taking the first three matches, putting the Polar Bears at a 0-12 deficit.  It wouldn’t have been done without the hard work put in by Matt Dewitz, SO. and Gavin Layman, FR….

Family, Then Everything Else: Coach Nat St Laurent

Due to Coach Nathaniel (Nat) St. Laurents family-oriented outlook, leadership abilities, and coaching styles, he took a non-existent program and turned it into an OAC championship team, created a professional lacrosse coaching career, and can educate the campus on the importance of education collaboration. He claims that all of this wouldn’t have been possible without…

Freshmen Flaws

The class of 2025 is entirely out of control! They are known to be the worst incoming class since the class of 2018. They are constantly destroying lab equipment in the biology department and vandalizing campus property. I cannot count how many times I have had to personally repair microscopes that they have broken out…