The Chapel is a resource for more than just worship or spirituality. With a multitude of events, Tea with the Chaplain is a different take on de-stressing and conversing. (Architects, Inc. Photo/Rogers Krajnak)

Welcomed by the gentle ambiance of homemade baked treats and mint tea, Tea with the Chaplain is an event held within the Chapel to support students, faculty, and staff alike to take a moment from the day-to-day pressures. 

The University Chaplain, David MacDonald, has begun several initiatives to assemble inclusive activities for all members of Ohio Northern University to contemplate and unwind. Tea with the Chaplain is an apropos example of his success to produce these spaces. 

The pandemic has affected student lives in many ways: increased stress, burn-out, and a decrease in engagement. Held every month, Chaplain MacDonald offers guidance and a friendly ear, along with his assortment of scrumptious baked foods and collections of tea in an attempt to ease the pressure facing many. It is usually made up of a small group of people; ranging from Board of Trustee members to professors and students, the occasion is an intimate opportunity to converse with people from all over campus.

Tea with the Chaplain does not follow any specific structure. It presents a possibility for introspection and a stressless hour from the standard stringent schedules and anxiety over half of students face. With zucchini bread, fruit cake, tea, and pleasant conversation, it is open for all on campus. 

For the rest of the 2022 spring semester, the upcoming times are as follows:

March 21st @ 3 p.m.

April 25th @ 3 p.m.

Comparable events are also sponsored by the Chaplain and Chapel. The Mindfulness Session and Chapel Worship are available for students to attend. Chaplain MacDonald also writes his own spiritual blog (found here) and advocates for students to use the free resource, Calm App Blog, to find whatever best fits their needs. 

Stress and a decrease in engagement across campus plague programs and organizations as students acclimate to whatever normal life remembered. Events like these put a focus on these problems by alleviating stress through tea, guidance, and fellowship.

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